416 Vapes Premium E-Liquid 30mL


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416 Vapes Premium E-Liquid 30mL

Do Dee Dew

A citrus punch blended smoothly to perfection with lime and is formulated to quench your thirst. This recipe packs an awesome punch of flavour and tickles your taste buds.

Dragon Juice

You will be pleasantly surprised when you taste this blend of fresh strawberries and dragon fruit. This recipe is not like any others, but that’s what makes it so good.

Five ‘R’ Live

A very rich mango and citrus flavour blended smoothly to perfection. This recipe is by far superior in flavour and is a thirst quenching delight.

Fruit Splash

A delightful Splash of Raspberry, Pineapple and Sweet Lychee. This Flavour is guaranteed to blow your taste buds away with its refreshing splash of fruit.

Nut Job

A sweet but subtle custard that’s perfectly blended with hazelnuts that will absolutely make you go nuts for this flavour. This recipe is a crowd favorite and loved by all custard enthusiasts.


A tasty fusion of blueberry and raspberry. Once you try it you will never want anything else and yes the snozzleberries taste like snozzleberries.


A Custard that’s very sweet, smoothly blended with caramel and a hint of butterscotch. This recipe one of our signature flavours and is guaranteed to keep your taste buds tingling.

The Beach

A juicy fuzzy peach flavour that is blended smoothly to perfection with a hint banana that will leave you wanting more. This recipe is absolutely a delicious mouth watering combo.