Blondies Treats

Blondies Treats

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Blondies Treats

Candy Bikini - Succulent watermelon blast with hints of candy apple that'll keep you coming back for more!

Centerfold -  Whoever said strawberries & whipped ream wasn't a good time! This exquisite blend will effortlessly steal your heart as it is to die for MMM MMM


Skinny Dip - A sweet summertime blend of your favourite fruits that is so fresh you'll wanna strip down & dive right in...

Perky - The sweet intensity of this mango mix will surely perk up your taste buds, It is the perfect blend to get your coils amped right up!

Stiletto's - If sexy was a flavour, this would be it's taste. Heavenly candycoated fruits wth a rich creamy undertone. 

Foreplay - A tantalizing mix of blueberry & cream that will be sure to get your juies dripping