Ultra Chrome Edition


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Ultra Chrome Edition

Green Edition - Strawberry Banana Pineapple, our Green Edition flavor is sure to make you drool. This classic combo has a proven track record with all of our fans. You will find it hard to put this one down. The pineapple just barely comes through so the strawberry and banana can shine. This is a true winner!

Silver Edition - Silver Edition is the ultimate blueberry strawberry cream. It has a very creamy base and the bright sweet taste of berries. This juice is nice and light so it can be vaped all year round. Cream fanatics and berry lovers unite for this amazing vape!

Purple Edition - Purple Edition is a new game changing flavor for the industry. Much like the strawvocado was to our Original line. This grapefruit lavender soda brings a new element to the Chrome lineup. An amazing combo inspired by a drink made in California. The notes of citrus pair well with the lavender. Not a floral tasting vape but a perfect harmony of flavors. This will blow your mind!

Blue Edition - Our Blue Edition is the ultimate combo of watermelon and lime. You get the sour of the lime mixed with the sweetness of the watermelon. It makes for an epic combo that you can’t get enough of. This flavor is the melonhead’s dream and the citrus freaks new ADV. We know you’ll enjoy this unique blend!

Yellow Edition - The origional poppyseed muffin, Yellow Edition is a re-work of our famous lemon poppyseed that brought Adrenochrome ubti tge spotlight back in 2015/2016. Often mimmicked but never replecated this liquid is the bakery lovers choice.  Sweet lemon with smooth batter and of course, poppyseeds. This reformulation os much easier on the coils compared to the original. Now you can enjoy the amazing taste of lemon poppyseed without the calories!