Vape Chef 30mL

Vape Chef

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Vape Chef 30mL

BDSM - Why BDSM? - Biscuit Dairy Milk and Strawberry. Yes, we know it's not what you expected!

Now imagine a cookie, dunked in milk, then slathered with strawberry. If your brain can handle that imagery you’re made for this flavour.


Berrys and Cream - The classic combo done right! If you like strawberries you’ll love it! If you love cream, you’ll love it! If you love strawberries and cream you’ll really, really love it!


CuBacco - Custard and Tobacco playing nice together. We wanted to name it Chewbacco but didn’t want to deal with the lawsuit


Wake and Cake - Cafe Espresso & Cake. Mom said not to eat cake for breakfast, she didn’t say not to vape it. Enjoy this delicious treat alongside this shot of espresso to kick-start your mornings. 



Chaco Naco - Think the chocolate milkshake can’t get any better? …. You thought!! …. Add a bit of coconut and some banana ..and enjoy!


Berry Bananza - Berries and Bananas; Probably the most common smoothie flavour ever, but hey; it’s popular for a reason, right?


Breezie - Blue Raspberry Freezie - We’re going full throwback with our blast from the past classic childhood treat.


Red Punch - Red Fruitopia in vape form, the Vape Chef actually knocked us out of the park with this one! ...No better name for it.


Wah Guam - The taste of tropical bliss - watermelon infused bubble gum!



All sizes come in plastic bottles with childproof caps