Vice Cream 30mL

Vice Cream

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Blueberry - Wild Blueberries on top of Vanilla Ice Cream, fresh and sweet

Bubble Gum Vice Cream - Two of your favorite bubble gums blended into a creamy frozen dessert!

Maple Pecan Vice Cream - That Canadian syrup that is loved worldwide mixed with a blend of nuts and ice cream

Mint Chocolate Chip Vice Cream - Mint chocolate chip ice cream. Plain, simple and yet so perfect

Neapolitan Vice Cream - Strawberry, Chocolate and vanilla. A great balanced blend.

Orange Creamsicle Vice Cream - Everyone's favorite! The orange accents the vanilla creaminess so well

Peanut Butter Caramel Vice Cream - Light toasted peanuts with caramel to top and vanilla ice cream to mix it all together

Raspberry Cream Vice Cream - Fresh Raspberries blended with whole cream and then chilled to perfection!

Strawberry Banana Split Vice Cream - Classic banana split with strawberry, chocolate and pineapple to top it off.